Jay Raymond

Welcome to The Jewellery Concierge. I am Jay Raymond and my passion is making beautiful jewellery.

I started my journey at the age of 16, working for my stepfather’s company restringing and manufacturing pearl jewellery. During these early years, it sparked an intrigue deep inside me, and after a few years I was excited to progress and learn as much as I could about the industry. This lead me to an independent luxury retail jewellers in the Thames Valley where I spent the next 20 years of my career, learning and moulding my love for designing, sourcing and manufacturing beautiful pieces of jewellery.

I have made many friends and have cultivated many contacts who have the same passion as I have had over the 27 years, including Master Goldsmiths, diamond merchants, designers and many more. This enables me to project manage the creation of any type of jewellery. My passion to create the perfect piece is stronger now than it ever has been.

I am now The Jewellery Concierge, and through my wealth of experience and utilising over a quarter of a century of contacts, I can help immerse you in the creation of your beautiful and unique jewellery.